Alvin Nichols

Adrian "Egg" Norton
Bass guitarist

My musical journey began by playing the trumpet in Elementary and Jr. High School. In the seventh grade I made the transition over to the Tuba. The fact was that everyone else played the trumpet too and there was a great need for someone to play the Tuba. That is where I started and fell in love with the foundation of the bass and how very important it was to the overall sound of music in general. I started playing the electric bass when I was 14 years old and my first instructor was Mr. Dan Bowens. I continued my musical journey at Suitland Sr. High School and at Prince Georges Community College. I am also one of the founding fathers of the popular 1980's Go-Go band named Ayre Rayde. We played in and around the Washington, DC area for about 10 years. That is where I truly learned the essence of funk and the importance of locking in the groove with the drummer.

I am also a managing partner and the bass guitarist for Phaze II, a six piece contemporary jazz band. Phaze II has been performing together in and around the Washington, DC area for about 15 years. Phaze II was also chosen the winners of the 2005 Capital Jazz Challenge Competition. This competition was held at the 13th Annual Capital Jazz Festival in Columbia, MD. We are now currently the house band for the Catch a Rising Star Showcase at the Capital Jazz Festival in which I am the music director . I am also the bassist at Victory Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA and St. Matthews Baptist Church in Washington, DC.

In 2008, I had the honor of playing for Pope Benedict in front of about 60,000 people at Nationals Stadium in Washington, DC. In 2010, I had the opportunity of a life time to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for three months and perform with Hajji & the Jump Street Band. Hajji is the father of the lovely and very talented singer/actress Mya. This was truly a life changing experience for me.

I have also had the privilege of working with such artist as; Ayre Rayde, Phaze II, The Softones, Rob Maletick, The Intruders, Youthful Spirits, The Men for Christ, Keith Killgo, Dee Lucas, NexXzit, Vince Chapman, Frank McComb, Ricky Wellman, Lori Jenaire, Corinthia Cromwell, Sha' Summerlin, The JD Experience, James "Kelly Fox" Davis, Earl Johnson Jr., Marcus Anderson, BK Jackson, Althea Rene, Gail Jhonson, Yancy, Oli Silk, Lynn Fiddmont, Kevin Whalum, Cindy Bradley, Jackiem Joyner, Lin Roundtree, Bob Baldwin, Paul Taylor, Tony Exum Jr. and the late Sam Smith along with countless other artist.

I would like to thank my loving parents Elbert & Mary Norton for all of your love and support. A very special thank you to my queen Ramona for being my number one fan! To the Parker family & my VTMBC family, for always having my back when I need you. Most of all I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with the ability and having the privilege to make the beautiful sound of music!

Adrian "Egg" Norton proudly endorses Dark Horse Strings and Hip Shot Products.